My top picks for VMworld 2016.

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This years VMworld Content Catalog is now available!

I have gone through the whole content catalog and picked some of the sessions that I find relevant to myself and my customers. It was really hard this year. I have more customers considering hybrid cloud, NSX, DevOps and containers. The demand to stay up to date is really huge, so I am glad that VMware is hosting such an awesome conference with such a wide variety of sessions.

Software-Defined Data Center

My picks this year is mostly from an architect and design point-of-view. There are also many more product focused sessions on the various vRealize products worth checking out.

  • SDDC7808-S - An Introduction to VMware Validated Designs - Edward Dinel (VMware) and Joshua Lory (VMware)
  • SDDC8472 - An IT Architect's Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center - Kyle Gleed (VMware)
  • SDDC8445 - Micro-Segmentation of Software-Defined Data Center Apps and Services with NSX in VMware Validated Designs - Ryan Johnson (VMware) and Ryan Shondell (VMware)

VMware NSX and Security:

NSX and networking is one of my focus areas this year. I believe NSX is a key piece for a customer to really utilize the hybrid cloud to it`s full potential. I also believe that micro-segmentation should be a requirement for most companies to protect their intellectual property.

  • NET9177 - A Real World Deployment of VMware NSX in the DMZ - Brian Hestehave (VMware)
  • NET8241 - Monitoring and Operationalizing NSX with Arkin - Robert Bauer (Optum Technology), Vyenkatesh Deshpande (VMware) and Sean O'Dell (Arkin)
  • SEC9450-SPO - Bridging the Gap between Infrastructure and Security Operations - Stephen Koch (University of Pittsburgh)
  • SEC9618-SPO - Deep Dive: Extending L4-L7 Security Controls for VMware NSX and VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) Environments with Fortinet Next Generation Security - Jason Bandouveres (Fortinet)
  • SEC9619-SPO - Scale and Segment the Agile Data Center with Software-Defined Security and NSX - Warren Wu (Fortinet)
  • NET8935 - NSX for Small Data Centers—Breaking Boundaries - Shahzad Ali (VMware)
  • NET8030 - NSX Performance Deep Dive - Samuel Kommu (VMware)
  • INF8850 - vSphere Platform Security Deep Dive - Michael Foley (VMware) and Salil Suri (VMware)
  • INF8631 VMware Certificate Management for Mere Mortals - Adam Eckerle (VMware) and Ryan Johnson (VMware)

DevOps and Containers:

I am often asked by fellow VMware administrators about DevOps and containers. These are some of my top picks, there are so many sessions to pick from surrounding these subject at this years VMworld.

  • CNA8897 - Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for Containers: Confidently Promote Your Code into Production - Paul Gifford (VMware) and Adam Osterholt (VMware)/li>
  • CNA8986 - Running Docker on Your Existing Infrastructure with vSphere Integrated Containers - Martijn Baecke (VMware) and Robbie Jerrom (VMware)
  • MGT8766 - How IT Can Enable DevOps and Development Teams to Rapidly Deliver and Iterate Robust Applications in a Multicloud Environment including VMware, AWS, Azure and Softlayer - Chanda Dani (VMware), Chandra Elango (VMware), Nikhil Girdhar (VMware), Deron Hull (TIAA) and Diane Webster (IHS)
  • DEVOP7674 - vRA, API, CI, Oh My! - Ryan Kelly (VMware) and Kris Thieler (VMware)
  • INF8396 - Winter Is Coming. Are You Dev/Ops Ready? Instant Clone Is! - Nakul Jamadagni (VMware)
  • </ul>

    Microsoft related:

    There are many Microsoft related sessions at this years VMworld ranging from licensing to technical sessions surrounding Skype for Business, Active Directory, SQL server and Exchange.
    • VIRT9009 - Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere - Scott Salyer (VMware) and David Welch (House of Brick Technologies)
    • VIRT7620 - Successfully Virtualize and Operate Your Microsoft Skype for Business Infrastructure on the VMware vSphere Platform - Adam Ball (Microsoft) and Rakesh Gajwani (VMware)
    • VIRT8278 - Snapshots and SQL Server Technical Deep Dive and Detailed Lab Findings - Rob Girard (Tintri) and Shawn Meyers (House of Brick Technologies)
    • VIRT7621 - Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way! - Deji Akomolafe (VMware) and Matt Liebowitz (EMC)
    • VAPP5598 - Advanced SQL Server on vSphere - Scott Salyer (VMware) and Wanda He (EMC)

    Other sessions:

    There so many other interesting sessions to choose. Some of my favorites has always been the "Ask the Experts" sessions.
    • INF7516 - Ask the Experts - Titans of Tech - Kit Colbert (VMware), Chad Sakac (VCE/EMC) and Rick Scherer (EMC)
    • INF8260 - Automated Deployment and Configuration of the vCenter Server Appliance - William Lam (VMware) and Alan Renouf (VMware)
    • INF8036 - Enforcing a vSphere Cluster Design with PowerCLI Automation - Duncan Epping (VMware) and Chris Wahl (Rubrik)
    • INF8108 - Extreme Performance Series: vCenter Performance Deep Dive - Priya Sethuraman (VMware) and Ravi Soundararajan (VMware)
    • MGT7685 - Insight into the World of Logs with VMware vRealize Log Insight - Karl Fultz (VMware) and Iwan Rahabok (VMware)
    • INF8914 - Mastering the VM Tools Lifecycle in your vSphere Data Center - Eric Gray (VMware) and Salil Suri (VMware)
    • CTO9471-SPO - New Capabilities in ONTAP 9 Optimized for All Flash Virtualized Workloads - Chris Gebhardt (NetApp)
    • HBC7602 - Build True Hybrid Clouds: See How Service Providers Can Use NSX to Extend Customer On-Premises Data Centers - Boskey Savla (VMware)
    • INF4528 - vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) Best Practices & Tips/Tricks - William Lam (VMware)
    So these are my top picks. A wopping 31 different sessions! No doubt I would have to watch the recording of the sessions I don't get to attend. </div>