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SnapCenter 3.0 released!

As some of you may know already NetApp shipped SnapCenter 3.0 last week. This obviously brings some new features and new plugins to SnapCenter.

VMware backup and recovery plug-in

This plugin was introduced back in SC 2.0 to bring support to applications and databases running on VDMKs and RDM LUNS. What’s new in 3.0 is that you can now directly backup and restore a whole VM from the vSphere Web Client itself where your virtualization administrator does his daily tasks. Thus making the view from SnapCenter a read-only interface to monitor any vSphere backup jobs. This replaces the backup and restore function from the Virtual Storage Console (VSC). Also note that SC 3.0 only support VSC 7.0+, but as always check the IMT before upgrading your environment.

SAP HANA plug-in

SC 3.0 introduces support for SAP HANA allowing you to centralize the management of your database backup and restore jobs in one single pane of glass. SAP HANA plug-in supports HANA running in both single contrainer and multitenant database container (MDC) single-tenant configurations. Check out the video below for a lab that demonstrates the complete backup and restore process using a beta release of SC 3.0

My top picks for VMworld 2016.

This years VMworld Content Catalog is now available!

Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.2RC1 released!

8.3.2 might not have as many new enhancements as 8.3.1 had when it came out, but this is a giant release because of the one feature that everyone was talking about at NetApp Insight 2015 EMEA: Copy-Free Transition.

So what is Copy-Free Transition?

Copy-free transition helps lower the cost of migrating from ONTAP 7-mode to Clustered Data ONTAP. You just disconnect the disk shelves from your -Mode HA pair and connect them to a HA pair in the target cluster. You then use the 7-Mode Transition Tool to convert the metadata to the cDOT format. Read the transition guide that I linked to in the end of this blog post to make sure you fit the requirements for this method.

Quick schedule for hourly snapmirrors

Have you ever had to set up Snapmirror schedule for alot of volumes on a new NetApp filer? We all know this can be a tedious task if we do it through SSH CLI or Web GUI.

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